"Pulse Tap" playing technique

MPEG Ashbory video with audio
(Click here for MPEG Ashbory video with sound, 344k)

Contributed by Brock Frazier, October 11, 2002

Pulse Tap delivers a synth-like sound from an Ashbory bass. By tapping and holding a string with a finger on the right hand, the generated note has a more defined attack and a sound deviating from the fingerstyle approach.

The Pulse Tap technique involves the right hand doing all the playing on the instrument, and the left hand simply functions as a string mute. If someone aggressively pursues this technique, it is possible that a string mute could be devised that delivers the same function as the left hand, freeing it up to tap along with the right hand.

» Pulse Tap example video (MPEG, 344k)