2002-2003 Ashbory Fender/DeArmond Art Change

Contributed by Brock Frazier on January 6, 2003, last update November 14, 2005

Fender dropped the DeArmond name from Ashbory Basses beginning in late 2002. Two basses were ordered and shipped at the same time to LargeSound.com Commerce, one red and one black. The Black model had the new 'de-DeArmonded' look while the red one was DeArmond branded. Other than the changes to the gig bag badge, body insignia, and the serial number area on the back of the headstock, the basses are unchanged. The new Ashbory logo is similar to the one featured on the Mark II Ashbory bass.

As of early 2003, Black basses were arriving from Fender with either old or new graphics on the bodies and new Ashbory logo bags. This was obviously a transitionary period. By the beginning of 2004 all bassses had the new look on the bass and the bag, though some 2005 serial number basses have since shown up with new look body insignias and DeArmond bags. Odd.

Ashbory bags


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Ashbory body insignia


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Ashbory serial number

Serial number area on back of headstock...

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