2007 Blem Ashbory Gig Bags

For the first half of 2007, Ashbory basses shipped with blemished bags

Contributed by Brock Frazier -- July 21, 2007

Large Sound's first bass order of the 2007 came in and what do we see when we open the boxes? Blem bags! The bags were pretty normal other than the badges were sewn in rotated 180 degrees. We call Fender and there's no good replacements in sight. Well, you have to have Ashborys for sale when you're the Ashbory store, so we took them and sold them at a discount of $23.00 each. Here's some of the text that was in the online shopping cart:

The bags are fine other than the badges with "Ashbory" on them are sewn in rotated 180 degrees. The basses are great. Get a brand new Ashbory extra cheap!

Of the blem bagged basses Large Sound received, all but one had 2007 serial numbers, and that one had a December 2006 serial number. Every order received from the beginning of 2007 through the end of June had blem bags. Regular bags started appearing again at Large Sound in mid July, which is also when the last of the basses with blem bags in Large Sound inventory was sold.

The blem bags themselves had interesting quirks, depending on the bag. Some of them had:

  • Copper colored liner cloth inside the bag: The cloth changes out through different production runs, blem badge or not, so this wasn't a huge surprise
  • iRiver zipper: I saw this and was thinking "That iRiver?". Yup, logo and all. It used zippers with the old style logo from consumer electronics company iRiver. Odd.

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ashbory blem bag
iRiver zipper
Ashbory gig bag pouch