Ashbory Upright Conversion

Mount the Ashbory to a mic stand without any drilling or permanent attachment

Concept by Ted Partin, snagged from newsgroup alt.guitar.bass and added September 10, 2002

From: Ted Partin (
Subject: Ashbory owners! Here's help....
Newsgroups: alt.guitar.bass
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Date: 2001-05-24 15:23:19 PST

I found a way to mount the Ashbory to a mic stand without any drilling or permanent attachment.

Here's what you need:

Generic "3 mic adapter", the one that comes with the swiveling base
1 Schaller straplock and button
Nylon webbing and slide buckle
1x2 inch piece of dense foam rubber
Tripod base microphone stand

Here's what to do:

1) Replace the button by the "neck" of the bass with the Schaller button
2) Mount the Straplock in what will become the top of the mount (it seems to work best with the opening facing up).
3) Insert the Ashbory bass into the straplock
4) Place the bit of foam between the bass and the mic adapter, roughly in the middle of the control cavity cover
5) Lash the bass to the adapter with the nylon webbing, running it just past the end of the fingerboard, going under the strings (duh).
6) Adjust height and angle, and be happy that you just made the cheapest electric upright known to man.

Enjoy. Send me money if you enjoy it a lot.

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Ted Partin