Doubleneck Ashbory and Bass Guitar concept

Contributed by Brock Frazier -- August 29, 2002

While working on this site, I went though some newsgroups and found there was some discussion out there on Ashborys. One of the threads mentioned a doubleneck Ashbory/Bass Guitar and I wondered what that would look like. Here's a guess via Photoshop. So no, this thing doesn't actually exist!

Some notes on this:

  1. The Ashbory part should be reasonably in scale with the rest of the instrument.
  2. I used a Guild with the old crappy tuners because right now that's all I have. Ideally you'd have DeArmond tuners instead.
  3. The Ashbory is presented far out on the body. Why is this?
    • This allows the two instruments to sit closer with less conflict in regards to right hand placement. Don't want the Ashbory bridge getting in the way.
    • This provides for a further out point to attach the strap to on the top of the body for better balance. The top strap lock is mounted on the back of the body at about where the Ashbory's 35th fret line would be, the guess is this will not cause conflict with the right hand playing the Ashbory. If that causes problems, the Ashbory could be set out further.
  4. The bass guitar used here is a fairly uncommon Leo Fender-era first style G&L SB-2. If anyone wants to build one, please don't do it by butchering an old Leo Fender-era G&L! Leo isn't going to come back and supervise the building of another one. I used the SB-2 because it was convenient, but a DeArmond/Guild Pilot Bass shaped body might be a better match.
  5. The control arrangement features a standard DeArmond 3 knob configuration for the Ashbory, a three knobs for the bass guitar (volume, tone, pickup blend), and a large mix knob to select/blend between both.

» View a larger image of the doubleneck
» View the doubleneck with an Ashbory in the pic for size reference

Doubleneck Ashbory Bass Guitar
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