DeArmond and Fender Ashbory String Pack Art

Contributed by Brock Frazier on March 4, 2003

Fender dropped the DeArmond name from Ashbory Basses beginning in late 2002. The strings also moved over to an "Ashbory" branded design in the same timeframe.

Below are two examples of string pack art. The liners are both a single one-sided printed paper, but are presented here in 2 separate scans each. The same basic information is on the back of each. As with the basses, the part numbers did not change and P/N 350-9520-000 is the part number for either set. The text on the backs reads:

The Ashbory Bass' unique ability to invoke a wide variety of tones is due in large part to its unique string design. Special silicone rubber strings allow for a versitile tonal palette, from growling upright tones to the punch of a standard electric bass.

Note: Optimal performance is achieved when the player's hands are lightly dusted in talcum powder

DeArmond Ashbory Strings
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Ashbory Strings package
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DeArmond Ashbory Strings:

This set is from late 2002.
Ashbory bass strings
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Ashbory strings pack
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Ashbory by Fender Strings:

This set is from early 2003. Notice the bass is in the same pose as the DeArmond Bass, but has a very small Ashbory logo.
Ashbory bass body

An Actual Bass:

Notice the size difference of the logo. Between this and the fact the pictures appear identical between the packaging basses other than the logos, it's a reasonably safe assumption the new logo was digitally edited onto the old DeArmond shot for the newer packaging.