State of the Ashbory email from Alun Ashworth-Jones

Contributed by Brock Frazier on June 13, 2008

Alun Ashworth-Jones and I communicated on occasion over the years. Here is the last email I received from him on August 20, 2007 regarding the current status of the instrument. Mr. Jones passed away on June 1st, 2008 at age 62.
Date:    Mon, 20 Aug 2007 19:12:15 +0100 [08/20/2007 11:12:15 AM PDT]
From:    Alun Jones 
Subject: Anniversaries

Ahoy there Brock - if it's not too late (well, at least it's the 
same year), may I also wish you a Happy Ashbory Anniversary!

I'm very much with your Forum member Pabs (Feb 14th posting) in 
wanting to congratulate you for all you've done for the Ashbory.

Just in case you've ever wondered why Nigel and I are not more 
involved on a day to day (or even year to year) basis with Ashbory 
goings-on, I have to confess that it's felt a bit like rearing a 
child:  look after it constantly in the beginning, and do everything
you can, then if all is going well, let it be!     

Right from the beginning the Ashbory seems to have had a life of its
own anyway, somehow holding out against the slings and arrows...    

Things are very different now - Fender recently contacted me to 
extend our contract.  They are very happy that the Ashbory is 
"going from strength to strength", in their words.

Meanwhile, I was speaking to Nigel this morning - he reminded me 
that there still seems to be background interest in the longer-scale
version.    What do you think?    I did bring it up with Fender a 
while back, but now may be a good time to have another go...

All the best - and thanks for being an Ashbory Godfather!


Alun Jones
95 Marlborough Road
Cornwall TR11 3LR