Guild Suggested Retail Price List -- Effective September 15, 1987

Contributed by Jamie Danter on September 15, 2002!

Here is the suggested retail sheet for the entire Guild line, presented in it's entirety. On the right is the highlights for the Guild Ashbory:
Ashbory Bass: $545
Solid one piece poplar body/neck.
Master volume, bass, and treble tone controls with active and passive circuitry.
Ashworth transducer with pre-amp.

For Ashbory bass. Gig bag. $50

Guild Strings model AB-400 Ashbory Bass $25.00

The entire price list is available here in a higher res format. Wondering how the suggested list of the Ashbory compared to a Guild Bluesbird, Nightbird, Songbird, or D-50/12 12 string acoustic guitar? Check out the first page below.

1987 Guild suggested retail
» View Price List side #1 -- The suggested prices for the 1987 Guild guitars and basses.

1987 Guild suggested retail
» Price List side #2 -- The cover panel plus suggested prices for cases, options, and strings.


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Prices Effective September 15, 1987

Ashbory Bass: Ashworth transducer with pre-amp. $545

For Ashbory bass. Gig bag. $50

GUILD STRINGS. Model AB-400. Ashbory Bass. $25.00