Early Ashbory Prototype Basses

Contributed by Alun Jones on April 27, 2006. Introduction by Brock Frazier.

Alun Jones and Nigel Thornbory invented the Ashbory Bass. Mr. Jones sent me a prototype basses image via email with a nice note. The original image is available here. Notice the silhouette of the second prototype is the reverse of the current Ashbory by Fender and the 1980's Guild models.

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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 22:56:43
From: Alun Jones
To: brock@largesound.com
Subject: The oldest Ashbory

Hello Brock,

It's been a long time!

I uncovered these two relics the other day.

One is the pre-Ashbory lump of wood I used for sound experiments to see if the concept would work. It even has a wooden transducer!

The other has the first Ashbory body, which Nigel produced when i asked him to come up with something in time for a trade show we were both going to. Note that not only has the g string gone, but it's taken the tuner with it....

Long overdue thanks for creating and maintaining such a comprehensive and helpful site.

All the best,