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The Ashbory Bass is the most revolutionary electric bass of the last 25 years. The short 18 inch scale and solid silicone rubber strings combine for a large sound from a small bass. The Ashbory is very responsive, and can change from an amazingly realistic upright bass sound to a thick analog synth sound with a change of playing technique. The huge, warm sound is real sound generated by the strings. There's no electronic trickery creating the sound. The built-in active preamp is used to make the piezo output more usable.

We at Large Sound are the Ashbory experts. We know and love the Ashbory, and want you to share in the enjoyment of this wonderful instrument.

Every Ashbory from Large Sound:

  • Has been inspected by us in beautiful Boise, Idaho. We do not drop ship Ashborys. We send defective instruments back home, and not to you. Our return rates fluctuate greatly, but return rates of over 30% do happen. We know the instrument like no one else selling them, how they work, and where problems occur.
  • Comes with the Large Sound User's Guide, which explains the finer points of the Ashbory.
  • Comes with a Slyde-Rite dry lubricant pouch, which is not necessary but a nice accessory to have.
  • Comes with the factory Gig Bag.
In short, the Ashbory is a great instrument that responds to your playing and records phenomenally well. Small bass. Large sound!