Frequently Asked Questions: Commerce

This is the Commerce FAQ for Large Sound. If you have questions about the Ashbory Bass in general, please check the General FAQ. There is also a variety of articles and documentation available.

Q: Why should I buy from Large Sound?

A: There's a lot of reasons!

  1. Low prices. The prices are highly competitive.
  2. You are supporting an online resource and gathering area for Ashbory players.
  3. Customer service. We're familiar with the Ashbory because we've owned one and played with one since 1996. I (Brock) am mentioned in the official history of the instrument as a small piece of why the Ashbory returned in 1999. Depending on the problem, it may take a while to hunt down an answer but you can bet there will be interest in finding a solution.


Q: Why shouldn't I buy from Large Sound?

A: If you have a local dealer who actively supports the Ashbory (has them in stock, understands them, has them set to go) you should consider working with them and purchasing one from them, especially if you're new to the instrument. This encourages them to stock more Ashborys and makes them more likely to be of assistence locally. Odds are slim that their prices are as good as they are here, since our overhead is very low. You may ask them if they can match or at least lower their price to something in the ballpark. If they don't normally carry Ashbory, or aren't providing adequate service, then there's no need to feel obligated to work with your local dealer. Service is worth paying for, but paying for service you don't receive is foolish. If you have a local dealer who stocks, understands, and supports the Ashbory Bass, you are fortunate and should seriously consider supporting their business if at all possible or reasonable. Unfortunately, dealers tend to not stock, or understand, or care about the Ashbory. I still remember finding a DeArmond on the wall in Portland, Oregon with a G string that was not stretched out sufficiently, so with the tuner all the way out the G was still too high in pitch. Who is going to try a bass that can't be tuned and then buy?


Q: Since Large Sound is primarily an information resource, why bother selling stuff?

A: We'll make some money off selling stuff, as we should since shipping and doing accounting for Ashbory sales isn't nearly as rewarding as playing an Ashbory. I was going to put up a more comprehensive Ashbory resource to replace the old "AIR" site anyway ( and figured by the time I was done I'd be promoting and leading to the sales of Ashborys, and might as well get a kickback. The initial thought was to use the affilliate program for Musician's Friend, but I noticed some lower prices around the web and thought that was dumb for people to spend an extra $50 just so I got a commission. After contacting FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation), I learned I could become a dealer and what the dealer prices would be. I thought, "I can keep a small markup, people will get a great deal, and this should more than support the operating expenses for an Ashbory resource". This is a win-win.

I'm not a sales guy, in fact I had a sales job for a really short period of time once which taught me I'm not a sales guy. I have to have a quality product that sells itself 'cause I'm not going to get the job done if it's all on me. The Ashbory basses do exactly that, the new ones are for the most part superior to the Guild originals (better tuners, pickups) and with low overhead they're pretty darn inexpensive. Even if they were distinctly inferior to the Guild models, they're the best currently available and they're priced well, especially here. I prefer the new models to the Guild ones overall regardless of price despite being made in Indonesia. Electronics are more important than build on an Ashbory, there's a lot to be said for improved tuners, plus there's just not a lot in the construction of the body and neck to mess up.


Q: Do I get any special online privileges by buying from What is the repercussions from buying from somewhere else?

A: There's no special privileges granted by buying your Ashbory here. You aren't going to get bumped if you buy from somewhere else either. The biggest benefit from buying from Large Sound is you are supporting the FAQs, instrument tours, discussion areas, and other documentation that makes this site useful and informative. You are supporting a continuing Ashbory community.


Q: Since you guys are a Fender dealer, can I order anything Fender from you?

A: No. We carry a very limited line, and due to the niche we're occupying FMIC is being very friendly to us in regards to some terms. We can get picks and strings, but no instruments other than the Ashbory. Not being in the string business (other than the Ashbory strings), there's no inventory kept or anything beyond whatever Ashbory stuff is kept around (at the time of writing). If you're wanting to order a lot of strings and stuff and prepay, we might accommodate your request, but your order will likely be very slow to ship. There's far better places to get non-Ashbory stuff from!


Q: I haven't bought anything from Large Sound but I'm eating up your bandwidth left and right. Can send a donation?

A: No! This isn't! If you want to support this resource, consider buying some strings or something from here IF it is convenient and reasonable. Don't buy junk you don't need. Don't worry about contributing money back. If you can add information and answer questions in the forum, or contribute Ashbory related information otherwise, you'll be providing worth.


Q: How do you keep the prices low with the web services you provide?

A: The web expertise is in-house and that component is largely written off as hobby time. I was planning on setting up enhanced Ashbory resources (perhaps not as robust) before ever thinking of adding a sales component. This site is open software based (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP/SMF) so that keeps costs down dramatically, plus it is on a couple of shared servers so there's more savings there.